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At Trinity, our mission has always been to be the nation’s #1 source for hydraulic hammer repair. Now, we’re your trusted source for rentals. When you need a demolition hammer or excavator rental , we have you covered. Available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland, we have the small tool rentals and general construction equipment you need to get the job one.

Why Rent?
When you need the right equipment for your project, renting has its advantages. You’ll enjoy increased benefits without extra commitments, plus a range of timesaving features you won’t get from purchasing equipment.

  • Financial advantage: A budget-friendly hydraulic hammer and concrete breaker rental solution eliminates upfront capital expenses as well as costs of maintenance and repairs, transportation, insurance, storage, and downtime.
  • Accessibility: Renting gives you access to the newest models and broadest range of equipment 24/7 support, and knowledgeable professionals ready to assist.
  • Flexibility: From seasonal needs or regular maintenance support to unplanned emergency work, renting allows you to perform whenever the demand strikes.

Available Hydraulic Hammers Rentals

Epiroc SB 552 – 1,150 LB Class

  • Optional ContiLube TM
  • II micro and water nozzles
  • High efficiency & performance
  • Blank firing protection

Epiroc SBU-220 – 500 LB Class

  • High back pressure acceptance
  • Tough and reliable
  • Light weight, high performance

CAT B8 – 850 FT lb Class

  • Ergonomically positioned hydraulic lines
  • Gas-fired design
  • Flat top/top-mount style
  • Newly designed skid steer loader mounting bracket

Excavator Rental

Renting excavators is an excellent solution for individuals and businesses in need of heavy equipment for construction, landscaping, or excavation projects. With various sizes and configurations available, renting allows you to choose the right excavator for the job without the commitment of purchasing. Whether you need a mini excavator for small-scale projects or a larger model for more extensive work, rental companies offer flexible terms and competitive rates to suit your needs. Additionally, renting excavators often includes maintenance and support services, ensuring that your equipment operates smoothly throughout your project. By opting to rent excavators, you can access high-quality equipment without the upfront costs and logistical challenges of ownership, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for your construction needs. Contact us for excavator rentals 6K up to 30K.

Ready for a Hydraulic Hammer or Excavator Rental?

We’re here to make hydraulic hammer rental  and concrete breaker rental easy and affordable. You can rent high-quality and meticulously maintained equipment from Trinity.  With a dedicated team of industry experts and customer service specialists, we’re here to help keep projects on time and on budget.

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