Do you use NPK hammers for rock breaking, road construction, or concrete breaking? There will come a time when damage renders it useless. Instead of buying a new one, call Trinity Hammer. Our complete machine shop is stocked with NPK Hammer parts, which we restore to OEM specifications. Plus, it saves you time and money!

Why NPK?

When better design combines with efficiency, reliability, and serviceability, you know you’re working with NPK. This brand’s hydraulic hammers and excavator breaker are renowned in the industry for good reason. You get:

  • Superb power-to-weight ratio
  • Uncommon gas-charged piston to maximize NPK hammers efficiency
  • Easy design with just two-moving parts for reliability
  • Airline for underwater use
  • Separate ports for the NPK Autolube (auto greasing) system
  • Simple serviceability with bottom tie rod nuts
  • Quick-change tool system with single round retainer pin
  • Many tool configurations available
  • Replaceable cylinder sleeves for simple, economical rebuild
  • Anti-blank fire feature to prevent dry firing for long hydraulic breaker life

Trinity Hammer and NPK Hammer Parts—the Perfect Build

When you’re ready to look into NPK Hammer parts, look no further than Trinity Hammer. Because of NPK’s replaceable sleeve design, we can reduce your costs by a factor of five to ten! Plus, the NPK-dedicated mounting kits enable hydraulic breakers to be mounted on mini and full-size excavator breaker, attachments, skid steer attachments, backhoe attachments, and wheel loader attachments.

If you work with NPK hammers and have questions about parts or repair, call the experts at Trinity today.