When you need hydraulic hammer services, you need the best. Trinity Hammer specializes in rebuilding/servicing hydraulic hammer parts in our own complete machine shop. Our experienced, factory-trained technicians can repair all makes and models regardless of size or conditions. And because it’s all done in-house, we can handle the machining, grinding, and plating for a full restoration of your damaged hammer to better-than-new condition. That saves you time and money!

Our Process for Servicing Hydraulic Hammer Parts

Dealing with a damaged rock hammer or hydraulic hammer for excavator? Has another dealer told you it was on repair? Call Trinity Hammer and discover the truth. You can have your hammer rebuilt to OEM standards for far less than buying a new one. We have decades of experience working with pistons, cylinders, front heads, pins, bushings, line boring, ID & OD grinding, laser polishing, and rebuilding pedestal mounted booms. Is there anything we can’t do? Not a chance!

Here’s how we do it:

We Come to You

You don’t have time to waste, so we’ll come pick up your hammer for free.

Start from the Ground Up

Following factory established shop manuals and using years of machining and plating experience, our technicians rebuild aging equipment from the ground up.

Inspection Begins

The process begins with an intensive inspection, where every machine is completely disassembled by factory-trained technicians and subjected to an exhaustive analysis process.

Repairs Done In-House

Our technicians can repair all makes and models of hydraulic hammer parts regardless of size or condition. Our complete machine shop facility permits in-house machining, grinding, and plating.

Renewed and Ready

When the rebuilding team is satisfied that the completed machine meets all operational requirements, it’s thoroughly cleaned and painted, then issued a standard warranty. we ship the like-new hammer to you free of cost.

Require Emergency Hydraulic Hammer Services?

If you have a hydraulic hammer in urgent need of repairs, we’re your solution. We offer free estimates, free pickup and delivery, and 24-hour turnaround!