You rely on your tools to get your job done. If you’re dealing with a worn out cylinder or piston, there’s no need to believe you need a new hydraulic hammer. What you need is Trinity’s hydraulic breaker repairs.

For over a decade, we’ve specialized in preventative maintenance and complete repair of cracked piston and cylinders. Our customers avoid the exorbitant costs of buying a new machine or getting it repaired by an unqualified company thanks to years of expertise. After all, we know you’ve invested a lot of money in your equipment, so we make sure to protect it!

Scored Piston? Pitted Cylinder? Call Trinity.

If your hydraulic breaker is showing its age, Trinity will come to the rescue. Our factory-trained technicians will run an intensive diagnostic check and perform repairs right in our complete machine shop facility. This includes:

Worn Out or Pitted Cylinder:  Buildup, re-bore, or replacement the cylinder

Cracked or Scored Piston: Rebuild or replacement of the piston

Cracked or Egg-Shaped Thrust or Impact Ring: Buildup and re-bore, or replacement of the thrust or impact ring

All of our hydraulic breaker repairs go through a multi-point quality assurance test before the machine eaves our shop.

Don’t Forget About Preventative Maintenance

You deserve a high-performing breaker that you can rely on at all times. Instead of watching wear and tear lead to an untimely breakdown, take advantage of Trinity Hammer’s maintenance program. From replacement of the seals and tool bushings to regular lubrication, we can extend the life of your hydraulic hammer and reduce your downtime.

Contact Trinity Hammer today to learn more about our repair and maintenance services.